The incredible Sangai Festival of Manipur begins today

The Sangai will dance for 7 days this year

The incredible Sangai Festival of Manipur begins today
Sangai Festival Main Gate, Hapta Kangjeibung


Manipur Tourism is once again returning with one of their most important yearly event, the Manipur Sangai Festival. Celebrated each year, this is one of the most popular festivals of India; and this year, visitors have a special treat for them.

Manipur Sangai Festival 2019 begins from November 24 through November 30 this year, and it was first celebrated in the year 2010. Today, it has grown into a world-class festival that celebrates the culture and tradition of Manipur. The festival has been named after the popular brow-antlered deer, Sangai which is also the state animal of Manipur.

What to expect at Sangai Festival 2019?


Manipur Tourism works closely with different cultural sections of the state, to develop a festival that thrives on arts, handloom, handicrafts, sports, cuisine, music, outdoor activities, adventure sports and more. One of the main highlights during the Sangai Festival in Manipur is the dance performances. You can witness some classic folk dance performances, namely, Kabui Naga dance, Bamboo dance, Maibi dance, Lai Haraoba dance, Khamba Thoibi dance, and more.

You can find yourself amidst an array of great artistic creativity, most of which are very unique to the state. For example, here you will be able to watch Manipur’s martial arts, Thang Ta. Other games that can be watched here include Yubi-Lakpi, which is a game played like a rugby with greased coconut; and Mukna Kangjei, a game combining hockey and wrestling.


Perhaps, the most interesting attraction at the Sangai Festival 2019 would be Sagol Kangjei, in other words, Polo at Imphal Pologround and Kaang at Khuman Lampak Kaangshang which is also an indigenous game of Manipur. It is a fact that modern Polo came from Manipur Polo, Sagol Kangjei.

The festival is going to introduce curious travellers to popular Manipur cuisine, dishes such as Nga-thongba (fish curry), and the popular Eromba (a mixture of boiled veggies with fermented fish), ooti (a special curry), Shingju (a typical salad) should not be missed.