FOOD Combinations : 10 Hazardous Food Combination That You Should Never Try

In this article we will tell you about few food combinations that you should never try to keep your body healthy.

FOOD Combinations : 10 Hazardous Food Combination That You Should Never Try
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Most of the food combinations are healthy when combined but a few combos harm the body. These claims are supported by a combination of science, experience, and suggestions. Today we will tell you about few food combinations that you should never try to keep your body healthy.

Banana and Milk 

Surprised, but that's true. Experts advise that bananas and milk slow down the body and are hard on the digestive system. This is exceptionally true when using unripened bananas. We understand you must be thinking that we used to have a banana milkshake or banana and milk together for ages, but the lack of vitamin balance and high calories is enough to make one crystal clear of this diet. 

Meat and Starch 

We want to specify here that we are talking about animal protein and starch. Apart from the fat and high calories, eating meat and starch together is bad for digestion. Both food digestion properties are different from each other. For example, protein digestion starts in the stomach, and starch digestion starts in the small intestine. As they hold each other back, the body gets confused about what to digest, where, and when. 

Mint and carbonated drinks 

You must have seen and tried mentos and coke together. Boom! Some expert says that combining mint and aerated beverages can cause a reaction as well. There is a word of this reaction that it creates cyanide. 

Milk and Citric Food 

Many people aren't able to digest the milk alone as it is hard to digest because lactose is intolerant. But when you mix some drops of lemon or orange or pineapple into your milk, the milk will thicken. Generated acidity can cause digestive problems, heartburn, and an upset stomach. 

Fruits with Meal 

Oops! How come? No, fruits are great to have alone but not with the meals because when you eat fruits, a fast-acting carb that digests differently from foods such as grains and meat can stretch digestion. When fruit doesn't digest in its way, it will stop and ferment in your tract. You can have fruits at the gap of thirty minutes of your meal. 

Alcohol and Tylenol 500 

You would be surprised that many people don't know that you should not consume acetaminophen and alcohol together. It can cause liver damage, and obviously, it can't be a good thing for anyone. 

Almonds and Cashew 

We are sure you will think that the above combination is not correct. But the truth is bitter almonds can contain the deadly cyanide, and raw cashews contain the poisonous component similar to poison ivy. You can eat both Almonds and cashews separately, but together the combination is at high risk. 

Beverages and Food 

Drinking and eating together is one of the worst combinations that you must avoid for several reasons. Water dilutes the stomach acids, making it harder to break down food, but if you drink water before the meal, you will be less hungry. 

Burger and fries 

This is the most common food combination offered by food chains; believing that animal proteins and starches are the keys to this meal is a bad combo. No need to mention the fact. You can order a soft drink with this combination to set for your short life. 

Beans and Cheese 

Beans and cheese together leave you with a sad digestive system. You can imagine the feeling that if someone keeps standing in front of you for three days. Your digestive system feels similar when you feed it beans and cheese together. 

Whenever you see the above combinations, our viewpoint will surely come to your mind. It's ok to have the above combinations occasionally but try to avoid them as much as possible to stay fit and energetic.