5 Tips To Achieving Your Dream

Is there a sure cut road to achieving your dream? Is it guaranteed that if you do your tasks in a particular way it will surely lead to success?

5 Tips To Achieving Your Dream

While it seems like a simple conventional question, the answer can’t be given in a single sentence. Every individual’s path to success may not be the same but there are a few tips which everyone surely follows in their road to success.

Tip 1: Know your dream

The inception of dreams begin when you are a child. While growing, every child has a picture of how their future would look like. For many individuals, as practicality of life kicks in, this colourful image changes. So the first step in achieving your dream is to properly know what you want. If as a child you wanted to be an astronaut, do you still want to be one?

Acknowledging this dream will build the base to building the ladder of success. You could do this acknowledgement in the following ways:

● Sticking ‘post its’ about your dream: If you stick a post it of your dream in.your room, it will be on your view everyday. This will give you an extra bout of motivation to complete the tasks you have assigned to yourself on that day!

● Keep a digital reminder!: Keeping a digital note/ reminder of what you wish to achieve assists in bringing a positive twist to that particular day.

Tip 2: Clear the way

This step involves clearing out all the negative energy you face in the way of achieving your dream. At times you might feel pessimistic thinking about the various hardships you have to get through in order to achieve what you want. But the biggest obstacle you will ever face in your path is - your mindset. You might think that others who have achieved the same dream got it the easier way or had advantages you never possessed. It is human nature to make excuses and believe that we are somehow the disadvantaged pack. But bear in mind apprehensions about oneself kills more dreams than actual failure.

Further another way to clear your way whilst in doubts of your dreams is by surrounding yourself with the right kind of people. Your pen companions can always assist you in gaining a better perspective in the midst of negativity.

Tip 3: Plan to success

Penning down a plan to success also means you are committing yourself to a plan. This does not mean having a five year goal. Creating small weakly or even daily targets translates to promising results in the long run. This assists in judging how far away you are from achieving your goal. Not just that, when you successfully complete an allocated task for the day, you get a sense of achievement instantly. You can also incorporate a reward system every time you cross a certain milestone. For instance if you have completed your yearly targets, treat yourself with a trip!

Remember, after each completed target you are getting closer to the goal.

Tip 4. Accept it won’t be straightforward

Ask any successful person if their journey to where they have reached is easy. Nobody will ever give you an affirmative reply. For instance, scientists believe the famous novelist Agatha Christie suffered from dementia or even Alziemers when she was writing her last series of Poirot books. But she still managed to write 33 novels on the series.

Further, when the TV show Friends first premiered in 1994, Washington post reviewed it to be a ‘ghastly creation’ but it is one of the high rated TV series loved by millions of people today. What lesson should we learn from this? It is not going to be a straight road. There may be days you may find yourself pondering if your efforts are going to be worth the results. But if you are willing to forward no matter the consequence then your efforts will definitely bear a positive outcome.

Tip 5. Enjoy the journey

To catch up with this fast paced life, your everyday routine might leave you with little to no time for yourself. According to popular research if you are not focused, your mind wanders 50% of the time. Since you have to be clear headed while focusing on important tasks make sure you take that extra five minutes off to relax.

If you implement the above mentioned points in your endeavor, it can greatly improve your chances of achievement.