11 Indian Actresses Who Were Caught In Sex Racket: Know How

Well, we all know that the entertainment industry, which looks glittery from outside has a dark side and can break anyone from within. Due to unsuccessful career, financial issues and struggling phase, we saw several actresses crossing the boundaries and later caught in sex racket. While some actresses accept this accusations, some denied though they made headlines for the same in the past.

11 Indian Actresses Who Were Caught In Sex Racket: Know How
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Many heroines in the Indian film industry dream of achieving stardom but failure breaks them and they take the wrong path to earn money. In this Bollywood report, we will tell you about some such heroines, who decided to sell their body to earn money. Some of these heroines themselves admitted to being part of the body trade, while some were caught red-handed by the police during the raid. (This news is written on the basis of information on the Internet. We do not claim its veracity.)

Aish Ansari

The first name in this list comes from Ash Ansari, who was arrested by the Jodhpur Police in 2011 for his involvement in a sex racket.


Actor Bhuvaneshwari, who has sung an item in the South Film Industry, has done many B-great films. His style drives people crazy. Bhuvaneshwari was arrested in Chennai for being part of a sex racket.

Neetu Agarwal

Actor Neetu Aggarwal, who works in the Telugu industry, was arrested by the Andhra Pradesh Police in a smuggling case.

Shweta Prasad Basu

Actress Shweta Prasad Basu, who played a brilliant actress in the movie Spider, has also been named in the sex racket. He was arrested by the police for his involvement in the Prostitution.

Sherlyn Chopra

Actress Sherlyn Chopra herself confessed that she had slept with people for money. However, many consider his statement a PR stunt.


Milky Beauty Caroline in Tamil industry was caught by police in an objectionable condition at a five-star hotel.

Saira Bhanu

Actor Saira Bhanu, who works in several South films, was arrested by the police in 2010.


Divya, who works in Tamil films, decided to be a part of the sex racket after doing a few films. The police had caught him in an objectionable position along with some cricketers and businessmen.

Mishti Mukherjee

Mishti Mukherjee, who works in the film Life Ki To Lag Gayi, was arrested by the police when 25 thousand sex CDs and Rs 2 lakh cash was recovered from her.


Seema, who plays small roles in the Telugu industry, was also arrested by the police in the year 2009 due to involvement in prostitution.

Sangeetha Balan

Renowned TV actress Sangeeta Balan was arrested by the police on charges of running a sex racket.